Elemental Prayer Pouch’s are created to assist in aligning your dreams, desires, wishes, prayers with the Elements of Earth, Water, Air, Fire. Each kit comes with a mini clay pot to use as a candle holder, a small bag of sand or rice to pour into the pot as a stabilizer for the candle, a candle, an essential oil blend, a piece of homemade paper to write your dream, desire, prayer on, a cowry shell which has the property of abundance, growth, dreams, and a handmade pouch. All blessed for your highest and greatest good and truth.


Suggested use. Find an appropriate, comfortable, and quiet place to set up your Elemental items. Ground yourself. Pour the sand or rice into the clay pot. The essential oil blend can be applied to your pulse points, anoint the candle, candle holder, and shell. Place the candle in the clay pot securing it in the sand or rice. Spend time in prayer, meditation, and/or contemplation of your desire/dream/wish. Being guided by your intuition, hone in on what it is you’re wanting. Write it out on the homemade paper. You may want to add a drop or two of the oil blend to your paper. Place the paper next to or under the candle holder. Keeping yourself in state of contemplation, remaining focused on your desire, light the candle. Always use fire safety and never leave the lit candle unattended. Be present with, feel into, and envision your dream. When you feel you’ve spent enough time, snuff out the candle. You can return to your dream/desire, relighting the candle and spending additional time in contemplation. You can carry the cowry shell with you between times as a reminder of your desire. Once your candle has burned all the way down it’s a good time to seal your prayer/dream/desire by respectfully burying, burning, or folding up the paper and storing it in the pouch. Use your intuition as what to do with your written prayer.

Elemental Pouch, Air