The Art of a Baby: Tummy Time Painting

I have heard many women, mothers, come into the studio and say something along the lines of, "Oh this looks like so much fun, but my baby is too little to create art." And I so desperately want to tell them, "No! That's not true!" But I understand their statements. I get where they are coming from because I, too, am a mother. My little guy is eight months old (holy smokes this last year has flown by!), and sometimes I totally underestimate him and what he can do. But these cute, sweet, precious little babies are capable of WAY more than we often give them credit for; we often simply need to find the means for them to do amazing things like create art.

Maddux, my eight month old, created his first painting at 3 months old. Now, he's not a child prodigy {I won't be selling his art for tens of thousands of dollars...yet}, and he didn't ask me to paint. In fact, the actual painting wasn't even my purpose. This kid, like so many little ones, hated tummy time. I mean HATED it! He would scream within five seconds of being put on his stomach and bury his face in the ground. I needed to find something to make tummy time more...entertaining. So I did! I grabbed a sheet of watercolor paper, squeezed on a few blobs of acrylic paint, threw it in a Ziplock bag, and put it on the ground in front of him. He was not impressed. But then I started moving his hands all over those squishy blobs of paint. He eventually took over and after about three minutes created this beautiful {only in the eyes of your mother} painting!

Maddux's frist painting (3 months old) still hangs on my refrigerator, right next to a letter from my own mother.

Fast forward four months to the beginning of May. Mother's Day was approaching, and I was at a loss for gifts for my mother and mother-in-law. I knew they would love anything that had to do with their grandbaby, but I wasn't sure WHAT to do until one day when I was filling up my water cup at the refrigerator. Lightbulb moment! I grabbed a couple of frameless canvases, splashed on a little paint, put the canvases in individual Ziplock bags and put them on the ground for my then seven month old {who hated tummy time a little less} to create some art for his grandmothers. I love them!

Mother's Day art for Grandma and Nonna (7 months old)

This time I didn't have anything to do with his creation. He was much more comfortable on his tummy {we've almost got a crawler over here!} and more interested in playing with the squishy, colorful blobs in front of him. He made sure to taste the Ziplock bags, as he does with everything else he comes in contact with, and apparently approved because he kept squishing around until he saw his monkey drum toy and lost interest in painting.

With this tummy time painting activity, I was able to accomplish two tasks: engaging in the torturous, yet oh so important, activity of tummy time AND creating art to both display in our home and gift to those we love.

So, have I changed your mind? Do you still think your baby is too little to create art?? I hope I have helped change it!! If you want to try out this activity, make sure to come check out our free Tummy Time Painting demonstration at Soul Space Studio on Wednesday, June 20th at 10 am and 2 pm. You can register HERE. Hope to see you then!!

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