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Pssst, I'm Ready to Share What's Been Cooking

Something deliciously wonderful has been simmering; it’s time to invite more of you to the table. Soul Space Studio has primarily been an in person experience, this summer several online offerings are opening and I’m so over the moon excited.

The first, Stirring the Cauldron, is in collaboration with two remarkable and gifted women, Jill Chesrow and Jo Anne Parker. I’ve been blessed to co-create with these women through both intuitive artist oracle decks, Awakening to Your Divine Self and Priestess of the New Earth: Weaving a Legacy of Light.

This gathering is for you if you’re being called to deepen your divine connection, to hone in your soul’s alignment, to magnify your intentions, to reconnect with solar and lunar rhythms, to receive frequency attunement, to sit in circle surrounded and support by like minded women and 3 amazing facilitators. If calling to you, then please join and share in this journey with us, we begin June 3rd. I look forward to my hand on your’s while Stirring the Cauldron.

More information and registration can be found here

Get to know Jill here

Get to know JoTree here

View our first Stirring the Cauldron video below.

Ahh and lastly, I mentioned in the beginning of this post there are several online opportunities, a variety of delicious dishes to choose from. Yes! Also opening soon is the Elemental Series Online Playshop, Radiant Divine Feminine: Enrichment Through Goddess Archetypes, and (not coming soon but on going) One to One Soulfull Coaching my Way Shower Process, simply contact me to schedule your first session.

I'd love to hear from you. Please comment, email, thumbs up, share, heck you know what to do should you want to connect!

In Creative Joy ~ Julia

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