• Julia

Nothing Compares

A cool harbor breeze was flowing through the door and windows of the studio while, through the beautiful, new, turquoise blue Bose speaker, "Nothing Compares 2 U" played. How could one help it? I had to move and sing...sing loudly. About the time Sinead O'Conner and I hit that funky "noth-ING compares to you..." part, I glanced up noticing a gentleman, bearing a slight smile, looking in the window.

Deeply hoping he heard Sinead and not me hit that note, I stepped outside and invited him in. We briefly chatted about what Soul Space Studio is, and, albeit difficult to keep brief, we managed, as he seemed to "get it". Looking at my "art" scattered around the studio, he nonchalantly said, "I'm an artist, too."

Oh those words. "I'm an artist," and how I allow them to affect me. Quickly shrinking within myself, along with a nervous little laugh, I responded, "Right on! Good for you! {Insert nervous laughs here.} As you can tell, mine is four-year-old art. It's not so much artistic as it is expressive."

Holding the kindest smile and looking deep into my eyes, at such a soulful level, he said, "What's the difference?"

After he left the studio, I went back to my current "four-year-old" WIP. He and this piece reminded me I, too, am a WIP - Work in Progress or Process. Each of us are, really, always progressing or processing - a WIP - and this is okay. Isn't it part of living a soulful life? In the recognition, there's less chance of shrinking. Less chance of comparing, and more opportunity to bravely accept where we are within our present WIP. The more difficult, but best part, is confidently knowing nothing and no one compares to you, or me.


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