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No Dis or En, Simply Courage

Someone told me yesterday that Soul Space Studio’s offerings were, “kinda all over the place.” Soul Space is quite non-ordinary, so I understand how it can seem that way, but in truth, the offerings complement each other wonderfully. Each offering is intended to open Space in one’s Soul.

The playshops, circles, and other services offered in Studio beautifully work together providing opportunity for clients and participants to tap into and chose self discovery and greater awareness. In so doing, among other awesome benefits, there is potentiality and empowerment for a wholistic approach to one’s wellbeing.

I continue to show up, hold discussions, facilitate, and live by example the gifts these practices have bestowed me. There are, however, days like today, when discouragement arises. So. I did what I know best, implemented the practices. I defused essential oils, said a prayer, went inward in meditation, and splashed some paint. Doing so reinforced, Space for Soul and not a Soul that's all over the place.

While playing in paint, the May 9th local newspaper fell off my desk from of a pile of accumulated ‘stuff”. My kids gifted me a thoughtful and powerful advertisement for Mother’s Day. This gift was received anew again today, filling my heart, restoring my confidence, and encouraging me to dis the dis of discouragement, reminding and inspiring me, to simply choose courage.

Deepest of Gratitude to my kids. While other’s may not yet see what Soul Space is all about, my Fab Five do, so much so they are able to remind me. I am honored and blessed to be their mom.

Be it live on H Street in downtown Blaine or virtually, I look forward to welcoming you into Studio. I'm here to encourage you, to way show through those times when you feel "all over the place", to support you in choosing courage over comfort, &/or to simply assist you in dis'ing the dis of discouragement. I've got your back.

In Creative Courage and In Joy ~ Julia xoxo

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