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Luna August 2018

Happy Sunday and August Full Moon, also known as the Corn Moon, Green Corn Moon, Grain Moon, Sturgeon Moon. It might seem a bit uneventful taking into consideration the previous months Full Moon’s which included Super, Blood, Eclipse, Blue…ahhh but every Full Moon, heck every Lunar phase, has a gift to offer and sometimes, well, it’s nice to get back to some normalcy albeit there are a few planets illuminating out in our galaxy a bit more radiantly along with this Full Moon.

The Sun entered Virgo on August 23, an Earth sign, symbolic of the Maiden or Virgin typically holding a stock of grain.

The Moon entered into Pisces, a Water sign, symbolic of two fish swimming opposite of each other yet together.

This is the last full moon prior to Autumnal Equinox. Occasionally September’s full Moon falls prior to the Equinox which would influence the name of Corn Moon to Green Corn Moon. The Earth is readying herself, it’s time for the final tending of the fields and the gathering, and that of which is ripe, is growing larger, more abundant. May we take note of this in our own lives, emphasis on the tending part; what areas of your life need tending? Where do you see abundance in your life? Are you offering gratitude for those ‘things’ which have grown over the season, year, years?

Speaking of the ripening of Earth, let’s venture to where Sun is, Virgo, represented by the Virgin. Without getting into depth and detail of explanation, I’m defining the Virgin archetype from my understanding of Marion Woodman’s definition, and I’m paraphrasing, a sovereign woman who is pure and true to herself. Are you standing in your truths? Are there areas of your life where you might need a check up of sorts on your truths, on the purity of your truths? Maybe a check up of your sovereignty? What does being sovereign mean to you? Maybe exploring the words pure, true, sovereign as they apply to you?

Luna is in Pisces, represented by dual fish thus reinforcing the Sturgeon Moon. Called such as the sturgeon are plentiful and large (did you know they could grow over 6’, 200 lbs, and live like 15 years?) providing more sustenance for the coming months. For Pisces though, there are two fish together yet in opposite directions. Knowing you are sustained, accompanied could you go deeper into the mysterious river water ways of your life? I’m not seeing images of deep oceans and seas but winding streams and rivers that at times move slowly and other times swiftly. Take a moment while tending to row out on those rivers, occasionally jumping into the waters and explore the mysterious crevasses underneath the waters. Invite your inner Crone, the beautiful wise woman, along with your inner Virgin to be your guides. What is emotionally stuck in those crevasses? What do you need to flush it out? As you emerge from these depths, do so with a new perspective. If there’s something you continue to blame yourself or other’s, or you continue to pass judgement on, or maybe something which you feel complete lack in, whatever is coming to you take this opportunity to emerge with the perspective of the Virgin and the Crone, listen intuitively to what they are telling you, showing you.

These posts are meant to inspire your own creative thinking, intuition, self exploration, however, if none of this resonates with you, simply choose to go out and admire the Moon, yourself, and the ahhhhhmazing fact that the same Moon shining on you is shining on me, is shining on….

New in the studio, New Moon Dream Collage Playshop, something I’ve been super wanting to do and offer so, yeah, doin’ it. Join me on Saturday 9/8 (the New Moon is 9/9) in the studio from 1-4 pm for our first gathering. Bring images, items, quotes, whatever calls out wanting to be added, along with you and your dreams, goals, intentions. There will be supplies, a sub straight, light beverages and snacks, inspiration and support, mingling and fun. Cost $37.

For a bit of extra inspiration:

"The world will never be the same again because you came this way." Les Brown

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