• Julia

Join us in Stirring the Cauldron

This is the third in a series of videos discussing what the new online course, Stirring the Cauldron is about. I'm so honored to facilitate and participate in this wonderful offering. In this video Jill, JoTree, and I discuss further about the course along with its structure. We reinforce the cauldron is the belly of wisdom each of us have within us, we discuss what each of us are bringing to the course, and we feel into just how powerful the potential is for each participant to go deep within herself for transformation. In many of my circles, gatherings, discussions I mention how much I sense the coming of 2020 as being a year of clarity in vision (just look at the number, 20 20) and how many are being called to enrich their authentic self, deepen spiritual connections, discover gems of wisdom which reside deep inside, and to be a part of the shifting and elevation of is the time for each of us to manage our personal sovereignty and connection with divinity. Join us in circle. Register under courses from Soul Space Studio's website. Reach out should you have questions. In Creative Joy ~ Julia

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