Going Back to the Basics

Good Afternoon All!!

It has been some time since I have made my last post. (Sorry!) Like many of you Mom's of school age kids, I have been focusing my efforts on my own son and making sure hes making good choices with his summer time. I am a firm believer in reading books, any and every kind there is. We have done many activities outside of the studio I haven't fully been in the right mind set to focus on my Mommy & Me Playshops. I LOVE them, once again you will see a theme with the younger class such as reading, discovery sensory bin playtime and then crafts!

I am leaving on a two week vacation and during this time I am going to reflect on going back to the basics and just let my inner child come out to play. I love painting and I truly enjoy when I see the toddler generation come out and splash some paint around. There is nothing more freeing then witnessing what I child can create using some colors and a canvas.

With this I say goodbye for now, (wish me luck, I am traveling by myself with my son) and I hope to see you in the studio in August!


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