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Curious Refinement

There’s been so many curiosities since opening the doors at Soul Space Studio. Many, well honestly all, good, bad, indifferent, touch me at a personal level. Understandable so and expected as this space, place has been a dream for so long. More than a dream really, I’m deeply passionate about assisting other’s to tap into their creative veins, start those juices flowing, and facilitate when they’re ready to go even deeper into self discovery, awakening, remembering. Receiving the following email within the first week took me into a bit of self discovery and a refining of Soul Space’s purpose:

  • I am curious as to the spiritual foundation behind SOS, divine wisdom, intuitive readings and soul coaching.

I wasn’t really sure where Writer was coming from. Part of me wanted to jump in like a 4 year old little girl eager for a new friend while my ego burred up ready to defend. Taking a bit of time and a very deep breath, this was my response:

  • My foundational basis is Christian so I'm comfortable with the Bible. My relationship with Divinity is powerfully personal. The intuitive process (writing, art, movement) along with prayer and meditation has been a healing modality for me. If you're curious about the events of my life and my pursuit for healing, please feel free to ask this as well. God, Creator, Christ...however one chooses to call upon the Divine, has been constant in my life, speaking/communicating with me though word, metaphor, creation, parable, life experiences, other individuals, music, art, nature, etc. which is what we all have available to us, if we choose experience life and life events from such a place. To have a deep, personal, direct connection with Creator, to remember we are of great, divine worth and value, to see God in all of creation...this is soulful, inspiring, transforming. As far as my coaching services, I choose to refer to it as Soul Coaching for we are so much more than just this life (Life Coaching), just our bodies. Intuitive creating, intuitive processing, intuitive readings...I merely facilitate and provide supplies, space, and time for others to access their own intuition, divine selves, deep wisdom. Please feel free to call me, if you remain curious. Create a beautiful afternoon for yourself.

And here is Writer’s response to my response:

  • I have to say that your use of vague language leaves me confused. I can’t tell if you are a Christian not wanting to scare off unbelievers or vaguely “spiritual “ using a childhood in Sunday school to endear yourself to Christians. Oh well. Good luck.

So, yes, my ego totally wanted to jump right back at Writer for the obvious, and the not so obvious, which is kind of a funny back story and a little insight into my crazy thought process.

My first thought (warning, they’re not usually short): “Writer doesn’t have a clue about me and my childhood. I didn’t have a childhood in Sunday school. Why wouldn’t Writer not want to get to know me before making an assumption? This reminds me of the time that angry, mean woman called my kids cretans. We didn’t even know what a cretan was. Thank goodness I had a dictionary in the car. Sweet Dillon remarking back then about how this woman knew we were Christians?”

Second thought: “Is Writer’s, ‘oh well good luck’ a hope for failure? Why would someone want to wish anyone to fail? I’m not giving up or giving in or going to be influenced by anyone, including Writer even though being brave and bold enough to reach out to me; only I will choose what, where, when to make changes to Soul Space Studio. It’s my dream for heaven’s sake!

Third thought: “Where am I vague here? Am I vague?” this actually led me to the question which opened up some refinement, “Why did I write what I did and why was it important to me to be so attentive to my words?”

Because of, and with dear gratitude to Writer, it has been reinforced when anyone walks into the studio, be it to have healthy dialog or play in paint, it’s my desire they feel welcome and comfortable to simply be themselves. May they also know their beliefs and creativity are honored. I do believe I’m one of the most open individuals I know, Writer reminded me too, it’s equally important, if not more so, that my boundaries are established and I honor my creativity, wisdom, and spirituality.

"I'm becoming more and more myself with time. I guess that's what grace is. The refinement of your soul through time." Jewel

This WIP canvas of the birds is now coming into its own, as am I. We are either reacting, interacting, or responding from a basis of love or fear…seems to be a tug o’ war or a balancing act most of the time…but we have the ability to choose between the two. It’s from the basis of love or fear, like it is from success and failure, that we choose to be defined or refined.

“Our successes and failures aren’t meant to define us but refine us.” ~ J Frehner

You might have had other intentions with your words and the energy packed within them but you reminded and lead me into a deeper refinement of myself and my intention for Soul Space Studio. Yes, gorgeous Writer, thank you. Curious, however, will I be seeing you in the studio? Please know, you and your beliefs will be respected and honored.

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