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Almost August Already!

Summer is in full splendor here, albeit very warm. Blackberry bushes are delightfully dressed in delicate blossoms attempting to dance with the wild Daisies and Queen Ann’s Lace. Shrubbery at the bog and around the cabin is wildly lush, mmmm actually maybe a bit out of control but I like it like that and the water ways are thick with lily pads. Sooooo much Momma Earth inspiration!!!!

Beautiful blackberry blossoms, daisies, queen ann's lace, bog

It seems odd to say, but I miss the rain. The last good rain was a couple of weekends ago, a thunderstorm cracked opening the rain clouds even wider than usual in this wet part of the world; my goodness did it pour! Summer thunderstorms are one of the top 5 things I miss the most from the desert so to hear that loud boom and see a flash of lightening, my heart filled with simple yet abundant joy.

Summertime has a way of easing us through warm lazy days but we are quickly approaching the half way point between Summer’s Solstice and Autumn’s Equinox (yikes, what?). Are you like me feeling like this year has rolled along faster than most? August 1st marks this half way point, Lughnasadh or Lammas, a day marking the time of year for heralding in the big harvest.

A couple of days before, however, July’s spectacular Blessing Moon (aka Buck, Deer, Mead) will experience a lunar eclipse. A lot is going on celestially, so if you're moon sensitive (and some of you who don't think you are just might be) you may experience more sensitivity around this full moon.

The Blessing Moon encourages us to take time and reflect on those seeds planted earlier in the year, your goals, dreams, aspirations. Whether you worked hard or slacked off a bit, let no self judgement fall, but simply reflect upon the many blessings you have and seek ones which might have slipped by. With Luna being in Aquarius and all the cosmic stuff happening be aware of your intuition. Regardless of what's happening up in the heavens this time of year (hmmm every time of year actually) is perfect for becoming mindful of self care. And, for goodness sake RELAX a bit, things are about to pick up and get busy(ier) again very soon.

Luna peeking into the cabin a few days before July's blessing moon window begins.

All this celestial stuff mixed with anticipation of abundance, invites us to make good use of extended sunlit days (which they are even tho waning), the spectacular transition of what was planted several months ago, all laced with a hint of Autumn (yes, do you sense it in your bones too?). And for me, a time of year that seems to get lost between sultry Summer and brisk Autumn.

This year I really want to create, celebrate, reflect, and with as much completeness, enjoy these ripe, succulent days. How about you? Please share some of your hot fun in the summertime ideas as we submerge into these last lazy, hazy last days of Summer.

Here are a couple links to fun summertime music, go on sing loud, one's watching :), it'll be fun, then go outside and moon gaze, maybe you'll be blessed to witness the Blessing Moon Eclipse, if so share pics.

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