• The intention of this bimonthly circle is to activate, participate, and live more harmoniously with the Lunar Cycles which typically leads to living harmoniously with the Solar Cycles and the Elements. Also, to assist in tapping into and becoming curious about one’s own inner journey. This supportive group meets prior to the New and Full Moons each month. The gatherings are full of insight, prompts, journaling, and so much more. There's plenty of inspiration offered to carry you through the  lunar months and moon phases. Value of each circle is $25 and honors sacred commerce of pay what you can . Current circle days are:

Moon Gazing



New Cycle, New Approach, New Beginnings, New Start. New Moon is a perfect time to amplify visioning of your dreams, goals, desires. While any time is a great time, New Moon lends way to cast a positive brightness and fresh light to what's ready to shine for you. Join us in self exploration and discovery through journaling and collage. No art skills required. All supplies provided however, you may come across images/items which might want to be incorporated with your collage, so bring them along with your dreams! Playshop value is $37 and up. This Playshop honors sacred commerce of pay what you can, $17 and up.


"I don’t have to chase extraordinary moments to find happiness-it’s right in front of me if I’m paying attention and practicing gratitude." ~ Brene Brown

Gratitude is an expansive and limitless attribute. It’s my belief that 5 or more gratitudes a day will change your life.  Please join me in creating your own Gratitude Journal. During this playshop we will repurpose and use recycled materials. All materials are are included. No artistic skill required. We'll begin with a discussion on gratitude, choose a quote or bring one of your own, then dive deep into gratitude creation. Playshop value is $37 and up. This Playshop honors sacred commerce of pay what you can, $17 and up.



This playshop is designed to assist you in developing, fine tuning, and sustaining your personal intuition. Sparking your imagination and arousing your natural and instinctual intuition by: developing a personal relationship with your own set of oracle cards, discovering how the images and messages can be used for inspiration, guidance, positivity, tap into self expression, reflection while strengthening intuition, imagination, and trusting your own inner oracle (wisdom). This playshop includes your choice of either Awakening to Your Divine Self or Priestesses of the New Earth: Weaving a Legacy of Light oracle card deck. Playshop and is valued at $67.