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Give your Soul some Space, in Studio, Monday's 5:30ish.

There are many forms of meditation, what's experienced in Studio is an opportunity to open space for your soul. While it shouldn't come as a surprise, I'm continually amazed by the benefits of this practice. This is a relaxed and insightful gathering where we'll hold discussion and meditation time. Whether you have a meditation practice or looking to establish a practice, this is a comfortable space and place for you to be with other like minded individuals. Love donation of $5 or a little more are graciously accepted.

“Meditation changes how you do whatever you do." ~Ram Dass



New Cycle, New Approach, New Beginnings, New Start. New Moon is a perfect time to amplify visioning of your dreams, goals, desires. While any time is a great time, New Moon lends way to cast a positive brightness and fresh light to what's ready to shine for you. Join us in self exploration and discovery through journaling and collage. No art skills required. All supplies provided however, you may come across images/items which might want to be incorporated with your collage, so bring them along with your dreams! Playshop value is $37 and up, Sliding Scale $17 and up.